To leave urban turmoil and such important work like meetings, negotiations, sales or summing up, and, having thrown in distant corner telephone, to go to have a rest. Fish of various dimensions, forms and taste appears on our tables in form of exquisite dishes. But the most delicious fish is that caught personally.

We offer you the farm "Zabirya", which has big cascade of fish-farming ponds in Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district of Kyiv province, five of which are destined for paid fishing. Proximity to Kyiv, wildlife and variety of fish carp, silver carp, crucian carp, grass carp, pike perch (zander), pike, catfish will guarantee you unforgettable rest and good mood!

Corporate fishing is excellent kind of corporate rest outdoors. Among various kinds of active rest fishing occupies special place - silence, calm pond and freshly cooked on fire fish soup are its obligatory attributes. Even with quite modest results of the fishing you will be able to evaluate all attractiveness and mysterious romance of the rest, which can be made one of good traditions of a companys collective.

Correctly chosen place of fishing, which should become only fishing base with proved reputation, will add advantages to corporate rest. 

For picnics in the territory of fishing ponds 22 sectors are located, which are equipped with charcoal braziers, summerhouses and car parking places.

For cycle racing lovers there we offer a walk along the cascade of ponds, infinite number of beautify corners of nature.