Myrhorod is one of the most well-known spas of Ukraine, main wealth of which is mineral water that comes out to the ground surface from ancient crystalline rocks. It is pure, has pleasant taste and always in the summer and winter has the same temperature +20. One can tell about the benefits of this water for a very long time.

The nature treated Myrhorod with particular generosity, having provided it with invaluable natural gifts: medicinal water, mild climate, picturesque locality. 

The town with amiable name hospitably opens the doors to all who comes here to work, study, rest and improve ones health.  

Hotel and restaurant complex "Cogol"  is located at the very center of the spa town Myrhorod. Interesting designers solution in design of the hotel rooms and cosyness of European class make it one of the best in the town. 
You will be able to enjoy exquisite dishes of Ukrainian, European and Georgian cuisine in
the restaurant with national colour and unique collection of the objects of popular way of life. General room, banquet room, VIP room and cosy summer ground are at your disposal. 
Round-the-clock parking lot, childrens playground, rent of modern bicycles, roller skates, kayaks and trampoline work for the guests. Billiard club Svoiak (Cue ball), Russian baths and free access to Wi-Fi service are also available here. Comfortable beach is equipped with beach beds and umbrellas. 


The quests can enjoy 9 comfortable rooms, which meets international standards and needs of travellers and businessmen.


Gogol restaurant is one of the first national restaurants, it has wonderful atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Every our guest has unique chance to be transferred to the atmosphere of Ukrainian luxury, which is conductive to fulfillment of grandiose events in the life, to long merry celebrations, business and family dinners, childrens festivities and meetings. Interior to some extent resembles a museum.

Russian baths

There are a lot of popular methods of health improvement, but they always have an effect only on certain part of the organism. And only the baths restore all organs and systems of organism. In bathing procedures is hidden the secret of eternal youth, which many generations tried to guess. The people understood curative properties of the baths as far back as several thousand years ago.

Billiard club "Svoiak" (Cue ball)

Our billiard club perfectly reconstructs the atmosphere of classical club. Soft and comfortable for eyes illumination, cosy carpet, which prevents sliding and absorbs sounds. All tables are made by one of recognized leaders of production of billiard tables for Russian billiard Dinaris Company.